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Body & Massage

Completely customizable and completely committed to results, we are experts at alleviating pain and doing whatever it takes to meet your individual needs.

38 Senses Massage

Only available at Ohm, this is a true deep escape from reality using traditional, cognitive and sensory therapies designed to connect your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical senses to a new reality. This includes guided meditation, aromatherapy and frequency therapy. Ask about our 38 Senses Journey to continue your experience.

60 Min – $100
90 Min – $150

Spondylogenic Reflex Therapy (SRT)

Clinical, immediate-biofeedback diagnostic technique used to precisely identify and address the root cause of pain. Your treatment is based on reflexive patterns found in each session, thus providing a personalized targeted approach. Using SRT, practitioners first utilize a thermal scanner to identify “hot spots” along your spine. With trouble spots identified, clinical massage therapists know exactly which muscles to focus on. Practitioners then re-scan trouble spots to see how muscles respond to treatment instantly, providing specific direction for an individualized treatment plan.

​60 Min – $100
90 Min – $150

Clinical Massage

Neuromuscular – Uses finger pressure on juncture points of nervous tissue and muscle resulting in reduced pain and increased function.

​Myofascial Release -Technique that separates soft tissue adhesions leading to less pain and more flexibility.

​30 Min – $45
60 Min – $80
90 Min – $115

Deep Fusion Massage

For those who require deeper pressure to address chronic pain issues.

60 Min – $95
75 Min – $110

Hydrotherm Massage

Therapists place warm, water-filled pads on top of a specialized therapy bed, where clients lie on their backs. Hydrotherm therapists slide their hands between the client’s body and the pads to perform the massage. This style of holistic massage is deeply soothing and promotes deep relaxation. As the therapist performs the massage, the water in the pads moves in a synchronized way, sending ripples of gentle relaxation throughout the entire body. This new style of massage relieves stress on joints and muscles, and has been proven to encourage muscle recovery, relieve back pain, and improve sleep quality.

Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

A calming and aromatic massage using the warms stones as a massage tool. *Not recommended for pregnant women or those with heat intolerance.

60 Min – $100
90 Min – $135

Lomi Lomi Massage

A traditional Hawaiian deep healing massage using flow energy with long continuing strokes to relax the entire body.

60 Min – $85
75 Min – $95

Fusion Massage

Customized experience based on your answers to a brief questionnaire by the practitioner to create your custom protocol.

60 Min – $85
75 Min – $95

Gentle Exfoliating Massage

Graceful, full body exfoliation removed with hot towels followed by a coconut oil massage.

60 Min – $120

High Vibration Chakra Balance

Deeper understanding of your motivation, empathy, intuition, vitality and inner wisdom with this full body transforming experience.

60 Min – $95
75 Min – $110

Cupping Massage

This relaxing yet effective treatment is designed to reduce acute and chronic muscle discomfort. Cupping quickly reduces inflammation, assists in rapid muscle recovery and flexibility. Magnets are used to enhance the healing effect.

60 Min – $100

90 Min – $150

Triple Renewal Body Treatment

Comprehensive treatment with full body scrub, mini facial and massage.

90 Min – $140

Muscle Wrap

Rapid detoxing and re-mineralizing transdermal treatment that assists with muscle recovery, inflammation and pain management.

60 Min – $95

Back Facial

Relaxing treatment that includes a cleanse, peel and finishes with a rich moisture massage.

60 Min – $100

Guided Massage with Zoom

Ohm offers guided head and shoulder massage classes through Zoom, providing a fully interactive experience, in which practitioners can provide real-time feedback and guidance to help participants alleviate discomfort and target trouble spots. Booking individual and group sessions.

Body Add-Ons

Warm Salt Stones – $20
CBD Oil – $25
Reflexology Foot Massage – 30 Min – $50
Ashwagandha Treatment – $10
UltraHeal Magnesium Herbal Pack – $10
Muscle Wrap Spot Treatment – $10
Foot/Leg Scrub – $15
Stretching/PNF – $15
Mini Facial – 30 Min – $40
Parafango – $30

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